YAN Launches Official Waitlist

By NatalieB, 26th August 2020

We are super excited here at YAN HQ as we launch the official waitlist.

“Today, we are launching YANs waitlist. By using smart technology, we will show customers what is going on with their money, allow them to fully transact with their accounts, shop and sell in an easy to use single app. Our customers will feel in full control. We want to make the experience easy and convenient with value added services built around digital banking.”

Natalie Bruins. YAN. 26 August 2020

YAN is launching the first of its kind Super App to help you control and manage everything from banking to shopping in one easy to use, secure and convenient platform.

  • Save money, time, and get more control over your finances.
  • Get on the early access list and we’ll throw in a few extra perks too.
  • Be the first to know when YAN launches officially to the public.  

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From our official news release:

YAN have begun onboarding their first customers to an exclusive waitlist. With its beta version soon to be released, the YAN platform will offer customers across the UK the world’s first eCommerce bank which brings together digital banking, with ecommerce and marketplace.

The single ecosystem will be delivered as a Super App and is the first of its kind offering four independent but interconnected platforms in one. Customers can enjoy shopping and discover products or services to buy online, or they can pay their utility bills with just a few clicks. There are already apps for everything financial, but who wants 5 different apps open, using up mobile data and crunching battery life? YAN promises a secure, easy, and convenient platform with multiple and sustainable revenue streams and growth potential – a current headache for both traditional and challenger banks today.

Nearly three-quarters of UK residents now do most of their banking online and since the pandemic, more consumers are shopping online than ever before. This marks an exciting time for smart banking and convenient online shopping.

“As a user, you will have all the features you would expect from a digital bank and more. As a business partner, YAN opens a new channel to market for retailers with exclusivity and lower associated costs” said Natalie Bruins, CMO for YAN.


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