YAN’s Super App from scratch

By Daniel, 12th February 2021

It was surely a long but interesting journey for YAN’s team of developers who worked hard for about a year and now continue to optimize and ensure high quality software is coded for their startup in a quite tight timeline. It was initially decided that YAN should be a full-stack platform able to control the entire chain and not be dependent on third party technologies.This approach can be called the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy, as it needed more control and flexibility to meet the needs of customers today and in the future.

YAN’s technological team includes web designers, security specialists, Java and PHP developers, system developers and maintenance specialists working on building from the ground up YAN’s software environment with so far 12344 files and more than 8 million lines of code.

YAN is building from the ground up its multi-industry Super App software which to date contains 12344 files and more than 8 million lines of code.

You will probably be interested to know more on specifics of YAN’s hardware infrastructure which is divided into 3 main environments: 1) Development environment  2) Test environment and 3) Production environment. Development Environment operates on 2 servers (Api/backend server and Authentication server) where engineers develop the software required for company services (backend, authorization server, transaction server). When the software is ready, it then goes through the test environment. 

The Test Environment is located on 2 servers (Api/backend server and Authentication server). Here we test the software developed in a sandbox environment. We can test all functions and check software vulnerabilities and their potential bugs. When the software passes all the programmed tests, it is then loaded into the production environment with its 4 servers.

  1. Authentication Server is required to authenticate customers and internal staff who enter and use our cloud. The system is a bank-grade authentication server with single sign-on (SSO) capability – it’s a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials, e.g. a name and password, to access multiple applications. As our business grows, we will move this server to an authentication cluster. 
  1. API server – this is for connecting mobile Apps to all possible operations (banking, cards, e-commerce, marketplace, etc.). As our business grows, we will migrate it to the backend cluster. 
  1. Backend server is used to manage the entire infrastructure (users, transactions, settings, logs, etc.). This server is the core of the infrastructure and will be later moved to a dual geographic cluster to avoid possible downtime. 
  1. Database server is used to run a database engine and to decouple the database server from the Internet. This server is located on internal networks and is not accessible from outside our cloud. In the future, it needs to be moved to the database cluster. 

We hope this has shed some more light on what YAN’s engineers have been continuously working on over the past year but we will be back with more news, including about our technologies that help to create a risk profile or score, providing external data points related to finance, lifestyle, social and health.

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