World's First 'eCommerce Bank'
To Launch In UK

Digital Banking, eCommerce and a Marketplace in one, a “Fusion Bank”.

YAN will provide both personal and business customers a one-stop digital lifestyle app, a Super App that is fast, secure and easy to use. With all the usual banking services such as payments, direct debits, saving accounts and budgeting tools. YAN will also offer currency exchange, digital coins, retail online shopping and a marketplace for both bargain hunters and budding entrepreneurs.

The YAN Super App will help customers simplify and take control of their money.
Plus it's free with great rates.

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YAN.Market’s first 100 Sellers offered a FREE Subscription

By Daniel, 21st April 2021

YAN.Market is an aggregator of online shops where sellers will present their online business through their own personalized branded widget

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YAN’s Super App from scratch

By Daniel, 12th February 2021

YAN is building its multi-industry Super App software which contains 12344 files and more than 8 million lines of code

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Web Summit Dec 2020

By NatalieB, 17th November 2020

Join us at Web Summit 2020.
We’re thrilled to be taking part at this years event, 2-4 December. Come and find out more about YAN.

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