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World's First 'eCommerce Bank'


Onboarding first 5000 Sellers from UK, US & EU

Digital Banking, Utility payments, eCommerce and a Marketplace in one mobile Super App

Similar services will be provided through Super App's web extension-YAN.market web portal

YAN will provide both personal and business customers a one-stop digital lifestyle app, a Super App that is fast, secure and easy to use. With all the usual banking services such as payments, direct debits, saving accounts and budgeting tools YAN will also offer currency exchange, digital coins, utility payments facility, B2C retail online shopping and a P2P marketplace for both bargain hunters and budding entrepreneurs.



Here are our latest news and insights.
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YAN.Market’s first 5000 Sellers offered a FREE or 50% Off Subscription

By Daniel, 24th March 2022

The first registered 5000 sellers will get FREE access to YAN.Market’s GROW Plan for their first 12 consecutive months, followed by monthly subscription. SCALE and PRO plan users will get 50% off for the same time period. The package includes  unlimited listings, tools for product marketing & …

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Waitlist is now open for YAN Market’s pre-launch in March 2022

By Daniel, 10th March 2022

Get an early invitation to sign up for the first-ever FusionTech platform where you can manage your day2day Business Banking & eCommerce Sales from Single Dashboard. Sell your products and services through YAN.market WEB and YAN’s MOBILE Super App for just…

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End of year message from YAN’s CEO Davit Satyan

By Daniel, 1st January 2022

Since its inception in 2020, YAN has pursued this very idea by developing its Super App and other tech infrastructure soon to be disclosed, and our conviction that we are on the right track has been further reinforced by the processes going on with Open Banking and PSD2. YAN will grow into an open, cross-industry ecosystem as our goal is to..

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